About my Conversions

Mobile Pet Grooming

I was lucky enough to be invited to Wag N Tails in America who are the best in the world for mobile pet grooming vehicles

They were kind enough to show me how to set out the vans for best operational use

So over the last 10 years I have managed to their layout into our European vans

Warranty and Back up

I take great pride in my van conversions.

If there is ever a problem I am there just at the end of the telephone.

I am not interested in a one hit wonder I want my customers to come back when they are ready for a newer van conversion.

So when the 12 months normal warranty is finished I am still there to help !

Each Conversion is bespoke

Each conversion is bespoke to the customer ordering it

I have never built any two vans that are exactly the same each one is individual to the customers taste        

New for 2018 Groomer comfort break Toilet in rear compartment